Blogger Looking for True Connection with Fans of Blog

Come one come all,, be one of the first people to LIKE my Facebook Fan Page for my blog.

Come one come all,, be one of the first people to LIKE my Facebook Fan Page for my blog.

Fascinated by the large number of Facebook Fan Pages for all types of blogs and business, I decided to create a Fan Page for my personal blog, The Thunderword Post. My goal is a simple, to develop a true connection with fans of my blog.

My Fan Page is a place where people can find a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. In this case the common thread is my new blog post.

Looking for a True connection with blog Fans.

The Fan Page rolled out in November of 2016. However, it’s missing that often visited feeling and true connection with my fans who follow my blog. So please stop by the Fan Page to see what’s new, post a comment, ask a question or just to talk blogging with other fans

This is my very first  real blog and Fan Page. Looking back on the experience it has been an educational and rewarding experience with a few bumps in the road along the way, general blogging is one of the more popular blogging topics on the internet..All one needs to do is google blogs and wide variety blog with many topics pop up.

Hope blog Fans will Like My Facebook Fan Page

Started blogging on the WordPress platform back in October 2013, A good friend suggested he keep writing and write about things I’m passionate about. As the blog develops I will blog about some of my life experiences and I’m open to any suggestions to improve the blog.

Now that the readers have gotten to know a little about me by reading this post I want you to like my Fan Page on Facebook . In return I want to get to know you and the best way is to interact with you, I will certainly give you the readers of my blog post a chance to know me so we can make a true connection.


James Carter

James Carter has a real passion for online "stuff", is an avid WordPress fan and user, and gets great satisfaction out of helping others. -- so in his spare time, he's busy doing community service with his church, spending time with family and friends while creating post for this blog.


  1. Peter Beckenham

    Actually followed you here from Sarah Peterson’s blog post on the same topic. I have never considered setting up a Facebook group before – probably because I was not certain I had the experience and knowledge to take such a big step. But your post has given me the guidance and encouragement to give it a shot. I like the concept and idea of being able to build closer relationships with my blog readers as well as generating some really targeted traffic. Many thanks for sharing your expertise – it is greatly appreciated by this ancient Aussie marketer.

    • Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to read my blog. Good luck with setting up your Facebook Page. I think once you get started with the setup, you will see how simple it is to do!

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