TobyMac Swing for the Fences with Personal Testimony

8839535_orig-1Being Christian and living life the way God expects us to live, I’ve heard many personal testimony at many different churches and online. Recently,I came across the personal testimony of Toby McKeehan- a Christian music super-star who performs as Toby Mac.

Hip-hop Christian artiest  Toby  McKeehan- a musician occasionally shares his personal testimony with youth and youth pastors.

First introduced to the Christian musician’s music some 9-years-ago by a family member, he quickly became my favor contemporary Christian performer. After reading some features on the Northern Vagina born and raised singer I discovered he was a multi-talented singer, song writer and record producer who gives his support to up and coming Christian artist like Jamie Grace.

The YouTube video embedded in the post is Toby Mac sharing his testimony with a group of youth pastors and youth volunteer workers at Carowinds Amusement Park in North Carolina. One of the greatest blessings for me  is  how much his ministry and artistry has meant to me and my life over the years. Very thankful to the Lord for allowing me that opportunity to share his personal testimony with other people in the world.

His personal testimony explains how Mckeehan came to know Jesus and began to follow the Christian life-style at age 13. During his talk  he shares a lot of deep and meaning stuff about his up bring and how he turned things around in life.

A personal testimony can be very exciting to listen to. It gives some insight on the presenter. Showing where he or she came from and how the person turned their live around to follow God and the Christian lifestyle.

The kind I speak of is someone who was a meth dealer, and a mob hit man before he found God. Or the girl who grew up in a Christian home, then got pregnant, then became part of  a street gang, then got saved. Or the hardcore non-Christian believer  who hit rock-bottom, had some sort of existential crisis, and then found Jesus in the most unlikely of places.

A good testimony involves finding Jesus in an unlikely of places, like a homeless shelter, or a on the sand of a Florida beach, or a bowling alley. Good testimony also involves a mother who never gave up hope. A really good testimony will include running from the police and or beating up a Christian who shared the gospel.

Now you don’t need a testimony as powerful as the ones describe above. Just be a  good listener when a person shares his or her testimony with you.  Remember You too can be a social media evangelist. Please share so that others can be blessed as you have been blessed. #ThankYouJesus.

The Bible and the word of God  is your LIGHT, when everything seems dark in your life. PLEASE pray  so you can let God lead you in the right direction and avoid making and getting in the wrong type of situations and attracting the wrong type of people that will temp you to make wrong choices.

The POWER is in the WORD! and I strive to let everyone know that.



James Carter

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  1. TobyMac is an amazing and I love his music as he is my favorite Christian singer!One of the main things Toby always says is, “Love people well.” This has stuck with me and at the end of the day, apart from the music, it’s the relationships and impact we make on people’s lives that count. He is full of wisdom, so I’m sure I’ll continue to learn from him.

    • Paula:
      Glad you found my blog and took the time to read one of my blog post. Thanks for writing a comment on the blog itself, I do appreciate it! TobyMac is truly an amazing man and performer. I just love his music. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about TobyMac with me and my readers! Have A Blessed Day!

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