The Whole Border Wall Nothing but Pie in the SKY

The Trump Wall

This whole Border wall is nothing than pie in the sky wishful thinking, Donald Trump is just pandering to the morons who actually think this is even remotely possible. The United States has debated putting up security barriers of its own along the Southwest border and has spent billions of dollars in recent years fencing one-third of it.
Presiden Trump, on the Republican ticket claimed in a speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit in January that he would build a massive wall around the United States, and Mexico to stop illegal immigration. His comments continued in later interviews, but where brought to light again in  interviews about run for chief Commander of the U,S.

Trump has said Mexico will pay for the wall, though Mexican leaders dismiss that as a fantasy. Trump has suggested that the money would come from reducing the $50 billion trade deficit with Mexico — which as our friends and Politician have documented, is simply nonsensical.But is his $8 billion estimate in the realm of possibility.
Look what happened when Bush tried to build a simple Border fence, They started out planing to build 2000 miles of fence and gave up after 600 miles or so.
What’s funny is they only managed to fence off the most easily accessible areas where construction was easy. And Bush’s 600 mile fence wasn’t cheap it ran 2000 percent over budget and cost a staggering 1.6 billion for a fence. Trump isn’t talking about building a cheap Fence. Trump wants to build a 20 foot tall 1 foot thick reinforced concrete prison wall that’s 2000 miles long.
Well several contracting and engineering firms have published plans for lighter versions of Trumps fence and the numbers are staggering even for the least expensive versions.
To put this in perspective The least expensive wall would use 5 times the concrete used in the Hoover Dam, This is more concrete than the mass of all the great pyramids joined, It would use enough concrete to pave a two lane highway around the earth and It would need enough steel to build 5 Nimitz-class aircraft carriers and would cost a staggering 1 trillion dollars assuming  stay on budget.
Now let’s talk about maintenance costs. the estimates for management and maintenance range between 250 Million a year and 500 million a year. Which is a good chunk of the annual US Border Patrol budget, so they will either have to fire a few border patrol agents or double the Border patrols budget.
Trump’s border wall is not impossible, but it would certainly be a more challenging endeavor than he would ever lead you to believe. Maybe he should stick to 95-story buildings.
Oh and since were talking about 95 story buildings, according to one well-respected engineering firm Trumps 2000 mile Border wall built 8 inches thick and 15 feet tall with 5 feet of wall below grade to prevent people digging under would use enough steel and concrete to build over 350 95 story buildings. I say Get-R-Done LOL!!!


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  1. Actually apprehension goes up and it goes down always has. As for Trump deporting. He has a long way to go before he comes close to deporting as effectively as Obama deported.

    As for the notion that his claims never included a wall from sea to sea, actually he did state that there would be a wall along the entire border. There are already about 700 miles of walls and fences built while Bush and Obama were president, so it is your contention that what Trump was always promising was another roughly 100 miles? So effectively you fell for more Trump lie. The places where there are no fences or walls are already the places where there is either rough terrain or a great big river owned by both countries.

    • As a person who voted for Donald Trump I do not believe he lied to the American public about building a Wall between America and Mexico. I do think Trump is a very smart businessman and will figure out a way to get the project done. He may not have figured out all the current expenses yet but give Trump and his people time and I am sure this project will get completed given time. Jon,thanks for sharing your opinion with me and my blog readers!

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