Blog Site Review: The Sports & Swag Blog Gets a Five Star Rating

Here is a blog  that anyone who enjoys sports of any kind can and will appreciate, and it is appropriately named Sports & Swag.. Carey Wood the owner of this blog is a self proclaimed sports fanatic and spends a lot of time watching and reading about sport. With this blog they can add writing about sports to his resume as well. The blog is very well written and  the host author  is directly involved in the sports blog industry and he has years of  sports blogging experience under his belt that puts him in an excellent position to report on the very latest sporting news. The site’s mission is to report on the latest sports news while providing informative content to its readers, You can see they accomplish this mission very well through any of their recent blog posts and sports podcast.

You will find navigation on this site very easy as the site has a clean well organized design. The theme is black text on a white background and links are highlighted in red and which is well in line with the sports theme of this site. At the top of the site the navigation bar you will find a categories menu, latest posts menu, subscription options, affiliate links..There is also a Home link, About page, and Contact information for the blog. Every post contains excellent pictures or graphics to add relevancy to the post and adds a dimension of meaning to the content. And given the sports nature of the website, the pictures are well in line with what sports fans.

I will go ahead and give this blog a solid 5 stars on 1 to 5 scale. Five being the highest rating possible , It is clearly doing very well and there is little that I can offer as far as improvement would be concerned. The blog scores perfectly on all criteria with its excellently written content and easy to navigate layout. The blog also is very aesthetically appealing, and while this sort of theme is not difficult on the eyes, it fits very well with the overall theme of the website and it blends in beautifully. Navigation is so easy on this blog it deserves nothing less than perfect scores, and the same goes for Activity with its regular content that clearly keeps the needs of addicts sports met. If you are a fellow sports fan, this is one website you definitely want to keep an eye on as I see nothing but continued success for this site.

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  1. Great write up for both the beginner blogger to advanced blogger. Love Sports & Swag great points that often are over looked or not focused upon when reading or blogging. “What good is a website if no one visits?” The same could be said about a blog post. “What good is a blog post if it does not receive any views? Enjoyed the sports blog and your write up and will definitely be back in the future.

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