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Neil Patel

“If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis.”

My father once explained to me that if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life. So when the opportunity presented itself to start The Thunderword Post, I jumped at the chance.

Never in  a billion years of my life time did I believe I would be a blogger. Never mind own a personal blog. My blog niche is currently freestyle. That is because my blog post offer readers a wide range of topics. Readers of the blog will find posts on Sports, politics and personal opinion. That is what currently works best for this contributing blog writer.

My journey as a writer began in college as a member of the campus newspaper. Sports writing was my thing as a staff writer for the newspaper back then. A little over six months ago I transitioned to blog post writing by rolling out The Thunderword Post blog.

I’m not going to be concerned about subscribers, comments or likes but just enjoy the process. I need to  follow my own advice! Honestly I admit I sometimes get caught up in all the stats for my blog. The best thing to do is just write and the readers will come when offered something new and fresh in the blog post content. Most importantly is to not stop writing and publishing posts to your blog. Keep in mind, it takes time to develop an audience and get regular reads to your site.

Often people ask me how and why I named my personal blog site The Thunderword Post. First and foremost, that name did not come to me in a few hours or even over night; My blog planning process took about a year. The name itself took months. While blog experts tell new bloggers to select a domain name for their blog, something catchy, that people will remember so they  will return to the blog. Well let me tell you, there is no guarantee that people will return to your blog at all.

Let’s get back to how my blog title came about. Most importantly, I wanted a flexible blog name that would allow me to blog about anything that came to my mind. One day I was sitting in my living room reading The Bible. It started raining real hard outside and soon after that the thunder and lightening began. We all know that most of the time, blog posts on a blog are composed of sentences with words. So I took the word thunder and added word to the end to make the word Thunderword.  Then added  the word Post to the title.

So you might say I tossed all the rules of naming a blog out the window and came up with my own set of rules. After all, it’s my blog! This blogger would simply say, do your research before starting a blog and learn the rules. However, do what works for you and your blog.

Don’t be afraid to try something new because the best way to learn sometimes is by experimenting or by trial and error. You can always make changes, if you try something and it does not work. Also be open to making changes to your blog so your blog stays relevant or current to what’s going on in the world of blogging. Always remember change is good in the blogging community.

When I started building The Thunderword Post, I wanted to keep it simple but have a site that was easy for visitors to navigate while remaining user friendly. Also was looking for a blog site that had a different look than all the other personal blogs out there to help my site stand-out. A site that looked clean and professional that was not so busy in terms of stuff on the site.

The Thunderword Post has stories (including stories from the blog founder’s real-life) videos, photos, artwork and creative writing. You can also find polls. It also has links in blog posts to other local news sources to keep you informed all on one site!

Blogging presents the challenge I was looking for  when I started my blog site. While at the same time it provide an excellent outlet for me to express my views, opinions and life stories. It is also a great educational tool, as I have learned something new about blogs and blogging each day in my journey to be the best blogger I can be.

This blog also allows me to work on my writing skills each time I write a blog post. Other great skills I have learned during my short time as blogger is page design and page layout. Selecting photos, videos and graphics has been a blast. It is fantastic to have totally control over what goes on the blog. As my wife says, I’m obsessed!

Not having to write on a deadline makes writing more enjoyable for me at this point in my life. And as the blog site owner I can publish blog posts when I feel like it. Although I need to get more consistent with publishing my blog to keep my blog following strong.

Now blogging can be very stressful at times. But when I feel stress due to my blog, I put it away and go do something else for a while, then come back  to it when I’m less stressed. In my opinion, blogging is what you the blogger make of it. But for me it is fun and enjoyable that offers a true challenge for this blog post publisher.

In my short time, as a blogger, I find that I spend more time promoting my blog posts than writing them. Hope to blog for a long time  to come because I have met some very nice people while promoting my blog content.

Blogs are  great educational tools on the world wide web otherwise known as the internet. While WordPress is a highly recommended platform that many bloggers use.  This particular platform is gradually eating the internet and it’s not stopping. In 2017 its ubiquity is expected to increase further and it may even eat the world.Personal blogs or major magazines and news organizations such as The New Yorker and the BBC, WordPress is slowly dominating the internet.  Even more importantly it is the CMS that Forbes itself uses.

As  somewhat of a  newbie to the world of blogs and blogging keep in mind I’m not a blog expert. Just a guy who loves to blog. But honestly it’s been a real educational experience discovering what works for my blog site.

James’s To Do List for bloggers

 1. Post in forums – Forums are a terrific way to build up relationships and have a conversation with like-minded people – as long as that’s what you’re doing. When every comment you make is pimping an article  you’ll find yourself banned or shunned in no time flat. When you take time to have an intelligent discussion with people who share the same vision, they’re going to want to check out the links in your signature. Conversational marketing works better than spam.

2. Visit other blogs – Other blogs in your niche are not your enemies or your competition, they’re colleagues. Instead of worrying about another site stealing your traffic, or who is higher in the Google Rankings, use other blogs to your advantage. Participate in the comments and offer a useful point of view. If you left a thoughtful remark, others might be include to check out the link in your signature line. Keep in mind it’s considered spam to drop your links anywhere but the appropriate space. Don’t drop links in your comment post unless invited to do so.

3. Join Facebook groups – Are you blogging about sewing? Facebook has sewing groups. Are you blogging about golf? Facebook has groups for golfers. Are you a celebrity blogger? Facebook has plenty of groups for star gazers. The purpose for joining these groups serves a couple of different purposes. The first is that you’ll be sharing news and tips with other people in the group, which will no doubt lead to ideas for new blog posts. Plus, as you build up relationships and friendships with others in the group, they’re going to be reading your profile more and checking your links.

4. Enjoy the conversation at Twitter – Notice how I said “enjoy the conversation?” I didn’t say, “do nothing but tweet links.” Again, it’s all about relationships. Search Twitter and find people who you think might be interesting to follow. Look for your favorite bloggers and the people who share similar interests, then start talking. Once you build up a following share links – but again – not all the time. Balance it out. The quickest way to be unfllowed is to only Tweet links.


5. Guest post at other blogs – Write a guest  post on a blog and  gain  traffic as a result. Since then,  Find the top blogs in your genre and offer to write a blog post or do an exchange with other bloggers so you can each benefit from the others’ traffic. (But don’t mistake guest blogging for stocking someone else’s blog with content for free. )

Note: Above  are tips  I have pick up on from reading blogs and have put into practice. 

Recommend Blogs:

WordPress Guide for Beginners:This is an excellent blog for people who are setting up a blog using the WordPress platform. Lots of useful information from simple to follow steps on how to set a blog up, to tips and tricks to use that make your blog run better and what plugins to use on the WP platform.

Design For MankindA lifestyle blog by Erin Loechner, filled with beautifully-written essays on everything from design (she’s a pro) covering such topics as parenting, marriage to work to travel and more.

ProBlogger: If you are fascinated by the magical and innovative world out there called the blogosphere, and if you want to be a part of it. Maybe you are just looking to make some extra cash writing about something you care about. This is great for those who are serious about blogging. The posts on this site offer a variety of blog related tips.

Sports & Swag: This site is a great sports website, first and foremost.  the content at one time or another on virtually everything pertaining to sports. So, just because you may not see Golf, or the NHL featured on the home page. That doesn’t mean that it does not exist. However, the focus of this website will primarily be on the NFL, NBA, MLB, and College Football and Basketball. A must read blog if you are into sports.

The Sports Awakening: A fantastic  sports website filled with sports articles. There is the usual writing that you see. And then there is The Sports Awakening, where you can see everything, if you open your eyes. Founded in March of 2016 and written by Mike Patton

  Hope you found this post helpful and informative. You will also find a few blogs I read often and enjoy reading. In the comment section of this blog post share a blogging tip or experience you have had. Now get in the conversation. Keep in mind I always reply to posts comments in the comment section of this post.







James Carter

James Carter has a real passion for online "stuff", is an avid WordPress fan and user, and gets great satisfaction out of helping others. -- so in his spare time, he's busy doing community service with his church, spending time with family and friends while creating post for this blog.


  1. All of this information is so useful. I really like your to-do list and frankly it’s a must. All bloggers need to follow your recommendations and remain pro-active. Engagement is so important, how else will they learn of us? Thanks for taking time to help us all out. xoxo (The Forbes bit was an interesting fact!)

    • After some research, I discovered that How to posts got a lot of comments. So after just a little over six months of blogging, I decided to share in this post what I learned over time and did myself. The goal here was to share and help other new bloggers. Thanks a ton for taking the time to read and comment. It makes writing this post like this worthwhile.

  2. I will be using these tips from now on.

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