Trump Not Truthful : His Budget Proposal Does Cut Social Security.

Trump’s budget, according to several news sources that obtained leaked documents, would make significant cuts to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which benefit disabled and low-income Americans.| Image Courtesy of

Sports has been a huge part of my life since my little league days as a right-fielder. Even today sports plays a part in my life as a fan, spectator and someone who blogs on various sports related topics.

Sports help children develop physical skills, get exercise, make friends, have fun, learn to play as a member of a team, learn to play fair, and improve self-esteem. image Courtesy of

It’s appalling to think that some people believe that athletes and people with disabilities are just dumb jocks or stupid retards with no brains. In my case that could not be further from the truth for me. My parent’s got me involved in sports at a young age to keep me on the right path in life and keep me from getting into trouble. Others reasons my parents elected to allow me to play sports was to develop social skills, learn about team work and leadership while making new friendships. Also, my parent’s stressed the importance of hitting the books while in public school.

From the time I was in the third grade, my parents were saving for my college education so they could afford to send me to college in the future. Education was strongly encouraged in my family to say the least. The reason is simple because education gives a person knowledge and once he or she obtains this knowledge it can never be taken away from a person.

Now the great thing about education is it’s for any person, of any age who elects to pursue it. It’s not just for young people. It would be simply crazy to think that, especially in the day and age.
At 55 years of age, I still think about my dream job or career. Now without hesitation, it would include my love for sports and my passion for writing. That dream career would be Director of Public Relations for the Los Angels Laker’s. A close second would be a staff writer for Sports IIIustrated.

Print journalism has been a source for current events, information, and political news for centuries.| Image courtesy of

Yes, it has always been my desire to earn a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. PR simply offers a challenge that many jobs in the world don’t. But over the years I have gotten a new perspective on what is challenging. So given the opportunity to return to the world of academia, I would possibly be a journalism major over PR.

Why because paying for college is not getting any easier to pay for as the years go by. It appears to me that there are more journalism scholarships and grants out there for journalism than public relations scholarships or grants. Getting some kind of financial assistance would be the only way I might see the inside of a college classroom again. Plus I come to realize that I can pursue a career in PR with a journalism degree in today’s world.

The internet has made it easy to earn a degree with schools offering full-degree programs online without setting foot on a college campus. There are a number of top online degree programs out there and more programs popping up every day.

Been on social security disability for about two years now, which I had to apply for when father passed way. Although I’m glad to have the little money I receive each month. I hate receiving disability payments. Certainly, would not recommend this program to my worst enemy. The program although extremely hard to get has many to rules about what a person can and can not and still receive a monthly check.

Social Security’s 9 million disabled-worker beneficiaries in America.| Image Courtesy of

However, the Ticket to Work program might just be the ray of the sunshine that I need to reach my goals in life. Ticket to Work is Social Security’s program to encourage disability recipients to return to work. Ticket to Work expands the vocational services available to people on SSDI and SSI and provides additional protections to people’s disability benefits as incentives for them to attempt to return to work. Ticket to Work is strictly a voluntary program; failure to participate will not threaten your benefits.

Trump administration’s  promote workforce participation. Previous administrations have attempted, unsuccessfully, to implement programs to funnel disability beneficiaries back into work. The Heritage Foundation, an influential conservative think-tank, advocates for “time-limited” benefits paired with incentives to encourage re-entry.

President Donald Trump plan to cut the budget – the largest proposed cut to disability programs in the budget — is to “test new approaches to increase labor force participation.” The line item calculates that weaning disabled beneficiaries back into the workforce will save a total of $49 billion dollars.

Mr. Trump’s proposed 2018 budget also reduces retroactive disability insurance benefits from twelve months to six months prior to the date of application– resulting in $9.9 billion dollars in cuts and costing individuals an average of $7,000 in disability-related expenses, according to the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities’ Social Security Task Force.

Trump is wrong to cut social security disability. He has never walked in my shoes and has never needed such a program to just live because he is rich. Being the President and running a business is very different. However, he is doing the best he can with what he knows about this program. Living below the poverty line in America is extremely hard. The cost of things is going up while my monthly check stays the same. Honestly, there are other programs that could be cut before social security disability. America should look at programs in Canada and the United Kingdom and try to come up with a similar program for people on disability in this country. But if he makes cuts to the much-needed disability programs. He will most certainly drive myself and other like me in the same situation back into the workforce just so we can make ends meet. We will be left with no other options.  It also raises a concern of what will those on disability who can’t return to work do?

Feel free to leave your opinion on the proposed disability cuts by President Trump in the comment section of this post. Please do us all a favor do not hold back when expressing your thoughts on this issue.




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