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Blog names are a dime a dozen. So be certain to pick a blog title that you really love.Photo Courtesy of

One of the biggest challenges when starting a new blog is coming up with a name. More specifically, we are talking about the domain name for your blog. This will be something like my blog “The Thunderword Post”.
Personal blogs can be a bit tricky to name since they often cover a variety of topics. In this case, one way to go is to use some variation of your name, since that is the main topic of the blog.
“The Thunderword Post” is a personal blog. This blog is the first place I will express my thoughts, opinions, viewpoints and storytelling on many topics. In a nutshell James’s Carter studied Public Relations at Berry College and now calls the state of Florida home.
“The Thunderword Post” has stories (including stories from the blog founder’s real-life), videos, photos, artwork and creative writing. You can also find polls. It also has links in blog posts to other local news sites to keep you informed all on one site!
This blog seeks (1) to serve as a creative outlet for James and as a platform for his content, and (2) the blog that seeks to inform and entertain both the blog followers and casual blog reader and the larger public. Content on the site is exclusively authored and produced by Carter and blog readers. The views expressed on The “Thunderword Post” are not necessarily those of Carter.

Although “The Thunderword Post” operated and managed by Carter, whose job is to make sure that” The Thunderword Post” content and delivery are professional in every respect.

Often people ask me how I came up with the name” The Thunderword Post” for my blog. Well it took months to come up with the name. I read numerous blog posts on how to come up with a blog title for my blog. Finally deciding to toss all the rules for naming a blog out the window and do it my way.

It all came down to one rainy day in Florida. Sitting in my livingroom watching television one day and it began to rain hard outside. Then a few minutes later it stated thundering. So my blog name and or title hit me like lightening. Took the word thunder and knowing that my blog was going to be mostly stories with words  put both Thunder and Word together to  come up with Thunderword .Then I put the word The in front of the word Thunderword. Then I realized I would be posting to my blog so I used the word Post. Thus was the title “The Thunderword Post” was born for my personal blog title. It’s a memorable title in my opinion that allows me to post blogs on any topic. But let’s be clear I love and enjoy writing however, my true passion for writing is sports writing. So you will see more blogs related to sports on my blog currently.
Understand when I came up with a blog name the untraditional way. Ultimately, the only thing that matters when choosing a blog name is that you love it. Changing domains can be arduous task, so put in the work in now to make sure that you come up with a name you’ll love for years to come.

What other tips do you have for choosing a perfect blog name? Do any of you regret the blog name you currently have? Please feel free to share this post with others who might have an interest in it. Then take a few minutes to think about the about CTA  or above questions and link your thoughts to the questions in the comment section below this post.








James Carter

James Carter has a real passion for online "stuff", is an avid WordPress fan and user, and gets great satisfaction out of helping others. -- so in his spare time, he's busy doing community service with his church, spending time with family and friends while creating post for this blog.

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