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Denton, Texas-As life goes on it changes, so it’s time to make some changes to my personal blog “The Thunderword Post” Yes, a makeover. It is simple this is an effort to improve the blog site. Over time you will notices changes to the blog.

One of the first things I will do is review all the posts up on the site. Make decisions as to which ones to take down from the blog. Then select which posts to rewrite, so the postings may return to the blog. After that, the plan is to write fresh posts to be added to the site.

My true passion for writing is sports. As blog follower Rick Woodall, in Georgia, says “I’m busting at the seems to be a “Sports Journalists.” That may be true but my goal is to be well-rounded in my craft of writing being objective and fair to every topic I cover on this blog. Being well rounded and open to writing on other topic makes it possible for me to have many writing experiences and opportunities.

The key here is to do the best writing I can. Keeping interesting and engaging content for my blog followers and readers. In turn, one of the many things I hope this leads to is more comments on the actual blog site and a truly meaningful connection with readers. However, every now and then I will write something that is controversial in its topic. The goal here is to get blog readers and followers to make a comment and get engaged in conversation. So it is not wrong to state an opinion. Just be respectful of other peoples view and understand you may or may not always agree with a person’s view or opinion. But at the same time, don’t be afraid to express views or opinions on the blog.

Ideally, I want to post to my blog daily but realistic that’s not going to happen. So my hope is that I can post 1 to 3 blog post a month. And at the same time, get reader feedback on the types of posts they most want to read about.

The plan is to add a blog site logo and start branding the blog. Currently doing research on the type of logo I want and the cost of a logo. The development of this could take time as the design possess could be long, to get the logo just right. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my blog but I just want to put the best product out there and one that people like. But I do understand there will be a learning curve for me, a trial and error stage, so please be patent in the whole process with me.

The addition of both a blog resource page and testimonials from blog readers is definitely something you could see. A podcast or YouTube channel is some things that are under consideration for addition to “The Thunderword Post” in the future.

Now without giving away all my future blog changes ideas, I wanted to give people a head up, as to what was going to be happening with the blog. However, I felt it was important to give blog readers and followers a little taste of what’s to come in the future. So check back to see what changes I make or shoot me an email from the blog site if you have any great idea for changes. Just let us know about them.

The changes will hopefully get more traffic on the blog site, and people more willing and likely to leave comments and get engaged in the conversations that will take place on the blog itself or on the blog fan page on Facebook. Then that will lead to more people who want to follow “The Thunderword Post” on other social media platforms.

As creator and founder of “The Thunderword Post,” I’m always open to suggestions and possible guest blog post, so if you have a suggestion or want to do a guest blog post, feel free to contact me using the contact form on the blog site. Also feel strongly that it’s important for the blog to evolve and make necessary changes to keep and grow the audience it has. Without changes to the blog, the readership and followers will leave “The Thunderword Post “behind. So as the founder of this blog I’m very open to making changes that keep my audience engaged and coming back to read and see more of the blog.

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!


James Carter

James Carter has a real passion for online "stuff", is an avid WordPress fan and user, and gets great satisfaction out of helping others. -- so in his spare time, he's busy doing community service with his church, spending time with family and friends while creating post for this blog.

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