What Version of WordPress is Right for Your Blog or Website

WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. / Image Courtesy of Pixabay.com

Denton, Texas-Before we go too far it is possible to move content from one version to the other, so a person can change their mind later if they wish. But as you will discover, it would mean surrendering different kinds of functionality.

About WordPress: Keeping things simple to understand WordPress is an open-source, software, that means any person can download it, and change it, generally for free and with few restrictions. It has been around since 2003 as a program for self-hosted sites. The organization that developed around the software WordPress.org later created WoordPress.com for people who did not want to host their own sites.

Version 4  of WordPress is used by 95.3% of all the websites who use WordPress. Statistics says

Why WordPress?:  What sets WordPress apart from other free blogging or content management tools is the size of the community, Yes, it is simple to use, but more importantly, tons of people use WordPress that the number of resources available outstrips any other platform. Whether it’s troubleshooting an installation, help with a design, or need of added functionality,  it’s simple to find a free or paid solution.

WordPress.com-Managed Hosting: WordPress.com provides hosting for sites and takes care of all updates. It offers a selection of designs and a useful set of functions, such as forms, social sharing, polls, and more. WordPress is continually adding to its design choices but the one major setback he is you CANNOT add your own desighttps://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=YouTube%2fWhy+Use+WordPress&view=detail&mid=57717E958788B645349F57717E958788B645349F&FORM=VIREns.

WordPress.org- Self-hosted: Now WordPress.org  platform offers people software that is needed to self-host, set up and maintain. None of these tasks is difficult, but they do require time/ and or money. The tradeoff for doing everything yourself is that you can customize WordPress in virtually limitless ways: Make it looks exactly like you want, using free, paid, or custom themes, or add as many functions as desired using free, paid or custom plugins, which are small programs you literally plugin to the core software.

Key Difference- Design: WodPress.com  or paid a good selection of free or paid themes to make your site look good. There are even paid that allowing tweaking the theme to get exact colors and so on. While WordPress.org on the other hand, allows one to put in any theme you want,  with thousands of free and paid themes offering a wide variety of choices to pick from. You can build a theme from scratch or modify an existing theme as much as you want.

Key Differences- Ads: WordPress.com allows affiliate text links and sponsored post, but no image ads networks (unless you join its in-house ad network),  Also, unless you pay to have it removed, WP.com may place it’s on ads on your site. With WordPress.org you have complete control over the type and amount of advertising that appears on your site.

Key Difference Cost: This is a big factor for a lot of people when deciding which way to go when building there website or blog with this software. WordPress itself is free, whether you download it to self-host or sign up for a WordPress.com account. The clear difference in cost is WordPress.com offers a small number of paid features, such as using your own domain name, customizing the appearance of your site and theme, or enabling e-commerce. For WordPress.org sites, you need to pay for hosting account, but beyond that, any costs incurred would be for themes or plugins or hiring someone to do custom work on the site.

Key Difference- Support: Both WordPress.com and WordPress.org provide free support in documentation and via message boards or forms. Users of WordPress.org can get additional support through paid themes or plugins or third-party support services.

Well, I hope this helps if you are considering using WordPress to build a website or blog. It’s a lot of information to take in at one time, but if you think of it like eating a cookie and take small bites you will be fine. Hope this proves to be helpful to those who read it. It really is nothing new and if you look this information is all over the internet. Have a blessed Day!






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