NFL Statement on National Antheme Rule Sends FireStrom Accross Social Media

National civil rights groups called on the NFL to reverse its decision to punish players who kneel during the national anthem and fine teams whose players don’t comply/ Image Courtesy of

Denton Texas- What a firestorm the National Football League has started by going public stating players will be required to stand for the National Anthem before games if on the field or stay in the locker room during the Anthem. As an active social media users my regularly visited sites where buzzing over the announcement.

ESPN announced the league owners voted unanimously to rule and quoted Commissioner Roger Goodell as saying, “we want people to be respectful of the national anthem.  We want people to stand—that’s all personnel- and make sure they treat this moment in respectful fashion. That’s something we think we owe. [But} we were also sensitive to give players choices.”

Well, that is just a crazy statement coming out of NFL headquarters by Goodell. That is just nuts! As an American who considers himself a true sports junkie and super fan of sports, the choice is simple. The league should make a clear stand on this matter with players across the league telling them you stand for this country’s national anthem on the field or they no longer play in the NFL. Find another job.

President Donald Trump praised the decision last Thursday, even though he did not agree with the option given to players to remain in the locker rooms.

Now, the professional football league just confused everybody based on the actions of one player even worse by making this rule. The decision to add in this rule to the rules already in place certainly did not make the issue at hand better.

Goodell needs to grow some balls and stand up to the players in this league. Forget the fine for noncompliance. Just kick that player off the team and out of the league. Not standing for the national anthem is disrespectful I don’t care who you are. It’s a slap in the face to the men and women who fought for the freedom of this country.

The new rule comes after a ton of conroversy surrounding one players’ choice to kneel during an anthem in protest of police violence against aimed at  African American. This is an issue that had nothing to do with the player or the world of sports.

It is sad that we as people have come to this in the great nation in which we live and call home when the freedom of speech is so frowned upon. Something to think about our entire nation is a result of a protest. Any good that came from fighting was simply due to the fact that someone had the guts to defy the status quo. A number of soldiers did not defy a flag, and a powerful monarchy American soldiers might still be sipping British tea if the military back then did not do what they did.

America’s independence as a nation, the Emancipation, the Boston Tea Party, the Suffrage Movement, Civil Rights movement and others all happened because individuals were willing to stick out, be arrested or die for something that they believed was wrong with our society.

In a nutshell, everything good that Americans fought for is or was a result of rebellion.

Some might say that there is no difference between a professional football player being caught violating league rules that what people did in history– by standing up for what they might believe in. But I beg to differ what Collin Kaepernick did is different.  Yes, he was and is a very public figure and the world stood up and took notice of his actions. But as a professional quarterback at the time with the Fan Fransico 49ers his first responsibility was to the organization and his team. And he needed to his do his job the league pays him for which was being a quarterback for California team. In no way, I’m I saying that he should not stand up for what he believes in but do it on his own time. Not the time of the NFL. His protest caused games to be delayed and he and his organization got spot-light attention for his actions. And not in a good way either for the most part. There were a few people that praised Kaepernick for his crazy stunt.

But all in all his protest took place in the wrong place- on the sidelines before NFL games. There is most definitely better places and times for this young man’s protest. He used his status as an athlete to bring attention to something that had nothing to do with football at all. And now this rule change is going to effect a lot of athletes that do not want anything to do with the said protest. Going forward under the newly instated rule we as sports fans will never know if an athlete staying in a locker room has anything at all to do with the past events in which this rule was created.

The actions of  Kaepernick and this additional rule has put a black-eye on the league in my opinion, And again all because the protest took place in the wrong place at the wrong time. The violence that took place on those people had nothing all to do with this talented athlete. He used his platform to the world in the wrong way at the wrong time!

Clearly, that message from the powers that be across the NFL sends a statement: free speech is ok, but only when it’s hidden and the opposing side cannot be exposed to it.

Sadly this protest does hurt the NFL but only time will indicate how bad the game or league has been hurt by the actions of one athlete. Now express your true feeling on the rule change in the comment section below this post.





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