Lebron James’s Inks deal with Los Angeles Lakers for 4 years

Lebron James Inks four-year agreement with Lakers in Los Angeles worth 145 million dollars/ Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

Denton, Texas-Well, the second hottest sports news of the summer has rolled off the press and has social media buzzing. As the “King of Court, free agent Lebron James has inked a new deal with the Los Angels Lakers worth a report one-hundred and fifty-four million dollars over four-years giving LA time to build that visionary championship team.

As this new contract will begin next season as James suites up for the Laker’s of the National Basketball Association (NBA) members of the Western Conference. Adding James to the roster for the 2019 season tells everyone that LA’s has a strong desire to win still another NBA title and the money to draw top NBA talent to bring a championship back to California after a long hiatus with no NBA title.

The Lakers want badly to win another NBA title for both the organization and its fans. In fact, it’s expected in “Laker Land “every season that the organization put a group of players on the floor that will play good enough that the team makes it to the NBA playoffs. But something that is even more expected for the Purple and Gold is collecting an NBA title. Anything short of the NBA grown is a bad season for the Lakers.

Lakers history is rich in NBA Championships.  As the Minneapolis Lakers, they won in 1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954. In 1960 they moved to Los Angeles and won in 1972, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, and 2010.

Johnson (right) battles Boston's Cedric Maxwe

Magic Johnson (right) battles Boston’s Cedric Maxwell during 1985 NBA Finals/Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

As Ervin “Magic Johnson” brought his basketball skills to Hollywood after an early exit from Michigan State University after winning an NCAA title as a college sophomore for the Spartans in 1979. Fast forward to Los Angeles, Johnson guided the team to 5 NBA titles in 1980’s as the Lakers floor general under the direction of Head Coach Pat Riley. Riley now is President of the Miami Heat.

K0be Bryant drive ball up court during Los Angeles Lakers game/ Image Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Then Kobe Bryant, a popular point-guard among Laker fans and around the league, was the only player to spend   20 years with the Lakers organization f came along after Johnson and duplicate his effort by also winning 5 titles in Los Angels with the Lakers.

Looking back in Laker history Jerry West (#44) led the team to nine NBA Finals appearances in the 1960s and 1970s. Nicknamed “Mr. Clutch”, his silhouette is featured on the NBA’s official logo.

Hall of Famer Gail Goodrich was a Laker for nine seasons in the 1960s and 1970s and played in four NBA finals.

Now with Magic Johnson in the front office of his beloved Lakers, one can only think money and Johnson played a big part in James signing with the Lakers.  This clearly proves Lakers’ mystique is still alive, with Johnson running point.

Johnson is the President of Player Operations for the Lakers with a net worth of  600 million. He also is a very smart businessman who can spot value to the business when he sees it.  And James has a definite value to the Lakers organization. Johnson was not going let James escape the Lakers since he has proven talent to lead a team to a championship title in Cleveland and Miami.

It was a no-brainer that the Cleveland native would sign the Lakers. It makes good business sense for James. He wants to win a third NBA title before he exits the game he loves for retirement. But at the same time, he wants to get paid for what he brings to  the Laker organization. So the Lakers have the big bank to play James with the best promise of a championship. That has been said along by members of the media since before 2018 NBA season concluded.

And no I did not let the media give me my opinion on this deal. I knew it would happen along. As a huge Laker fan since childhood and super fan of Johnson, who has followed every step of his career both athletically and in the business world.  It simple to see the billionaire want to see LA win another title. Why heck although maybe not reported I’m certain Johnson may have played major roll inlocking down a deal for James. He may have even tossed in some of his own dollars to get James on the roster. That would not surprise me at all.

With the Lakers is the best place for James next season This organization certainly gives James the best opportunity to win another title. Maybe not right away but over time as player chemistry develops on the court.

As a Laker fan all these years, I have stuck with them win, lose or draw and absence of that much desired  NBA title. Certainly not a fairweather fan or jump on a team bandwagon fan because they are winning. Just a true diehard Laker fan in North Texas.

Now truly not a James fan but happy for the Lakers as the organizations pick up a player who they feel can help their title hope dreams become a reality in the future. But who knows if that future is now as in next season or down the road. Only time will tell. Here’s to the future. Laker Fan for Life no matter what happens on the court. But feel the future in LA for the Lakers is so bright they’ve got to wear shades.

My final thought on James’s new deal is it was a done deal before he landed in Los Angeles at LAX. Johnson is a great pitchman for the Lakers and he no doubts the millionaire businessman and superstar athlete from the 1980’s knew how to pitch the deal and certainly close a business deal. The Lakers got the player they wanted from the get-go.


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