Challengen of Naming a Personal Blog Site

The modern blog evolved from the online diary, where people would keep a running account of their personal lives. Now blogs are at Newspapers./ Courtesy of

Denton, Texas-Blog names are a dime a dozen. There simply millions of good blog names out there. Certainly, by now, you’ve heard a blog name or title must be memorable or catchy and easy for blog followers or readers simple to remember. That a tagline to a blog must explain what type of blog one is about to read when readers spot a blog title in a search engine list.

All necessary but a set in stone rule for bloggers looking to develop a name for a blog site. When it comes to personal blogs I feel you have a lot of freedom when making a blog.  There is no hard fast rule for finding that blog mane for a creative outlet.

Being clear in your mind about your site’s purpose and audience means you are more likely to communicate that both to visitors and search engines. Clarity about your site means you also understand what theme and what plugins you will need for WordPress. In this post are some example types that might be helpful in focusing on what your site is about and what it is intended to accomplish.

Personal Sites

Whether you plan to focus on a hobby or broad range of personal interest, a blog can be a great way to share your thoughts as well as your images and videos. A personal blog site is what “The Thunderword Post” is because I write on various topics. If you take a good look at the blog one can see this.

Many of my followers have asked me how I came up with “The Thunderword Post” for my blog name. Well, after many months of researching and thinking this blogger decided to toss all the standard rules for naming a blog out the window.  And I did just that. My personal feeling was I need to be happy with the chosen blog name.

So one day when I was living in Milton, Florida the name hit me light a lighten bolt as I was watching television one afternoon. It was raining that day and it began thundering. My blog was going to be a written word. And again it was thundering outside that day. So trying to be creative I put the word “Thunder” with the word ord because again my blog is words, so Thurderword made sense. The just added them in front of “Thunderword”. A blog is a number of posts,, so the word post was added to my blog title. And at the end of this naming process was the birth of “The Thunder word Post”  A few months later I came up with the tagline for the blog, “the less boring side of creative development”.

The blog was put together for me to keep developing my creative talent or outlet. It is a self-hosted blog on the WordPress platform, a content management system that can be downloaded from the internet. This blog rolled out November 1, 2016, and is run on a very small budget.

Hope this blog post was informative and that you learned something you did not know about “The Thunderword Post.” If you are reading this post and have a blog of any kind please share with me “How you came up with your blog name” And always keep in mind when naming a blog is that you are really the only one who needs to be happy with the selected blog name.





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