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Denton, Texas–The University of North Texas offers what no other Texas university can–academic excellence at an affordable price in one of The Best College Towns in the nation.

Rolled out of bed early July 13, 2018, and made my way to the transfer debut student presentation on the UNT main campus in Denton, Texas. By the end of the day what I had discovered was I found a university that much more than just a journalism degree on all educational levels from bachelor’s to doctoral and just about anything else in between.

North Texas is a school that should in no way shape or form be overlooked when doing a college search. In the world of media that is definitely ever-changing. Prior to my actual campus visit and somewhat limited research, I did on UNT.  All because  I was wowed by my April visit to Gator Nation.  But once I hit this campus in Denton and started talking with the school representatives the visit in the early morning left me wanting to know more about this huge campus to see how I might fit in here as a student.

During my walking campus tour, I remember thinking don’t let the size of this campus intimated you, so as I pushed on I began to think about the excellent Journalism program that many publications speak impressively about.

The Frank W.and Sue Mayborn school is where journalism students craft their skills and dream of greatness in the media industry and where information meets innovation. You will be in a friendly environment where the sky is the limit and anything you can dream is possible at this school of Journalism You’ll attend courses that are taught by award-winning journalists who are up to date with what’s currently happening on the journalism landscape in the real world in which we all live.

In the Mayborn School of Journalism, students elect 5 different concentrations. The undergraduate degree tracks are Advertising, Broadcast/Digital Journalism, photojournalism, and public relations. The school offers certificates in teaching certification and sports journalism.

The faculty combined with students who are curious about the world is the driving force behind the journalism school that has put this place on the map and its success. One does not have to travel far to test their skills and find success with their degree.  The future professionals in this fast-growing media world are in the proximity of the Dallas-Fort Worth area which is the fifth largest media market in the country and has the fourth largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the United States.  Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows DFW’s job market is the best in the country.

When the staff in admissions and the journalism school pitch the idea of attending this university they give it to you straight. No fancy pitch or you should come here because we are the best speeches go down here. They generally care about you as a person, and they want to help you make the best choices for you the student and while offering many different enrollment options, they want you to be a success in school and life, as they were helpful and they bent over backward to make sure I knew that. Every single person  I came in contact with and asked questions to were extremely nice. No B.S. here just straight honest facts about this Denton campus of higher learning. As a future student at UNT, I really appreciate honesty from the people that worked with me at North Texas.

But honestly when I think of great communication schools in Texas the first place that pops in my head is the University of Texas at Austin in Austin, Texas. However, the sizes of that university and the number of people who attend are just crazy and not a good fit for me.  And then you get into school colors, burnt orange–come on who came up with that color yuck!

The best advice I can offer anyone looking for a good college, pick one that you feel good about and fit into. Don’t pick a school then try to make it a good fit for you. Be certain that it is a good fit for your needs. And don’t just pick the school because it has a national reputation or plays football in a certain conference.  Not that those are bad reasons to select a school of choice. Just be certain you select a college or university for all the right reason, not the wrong ones. And yes you can always go to another school if the one your at is wrong for you. But then you waste a lot of time and it takes longer to reach that academic goal of graduation.

As for me, I wanted to be part of a strong communication department at a school that gives me a marketable degree where the skills I learn are not out of date by the time I graduate but current so I ready to take on the world in my industry. And I wanted to be part an of a program that put a good number of their graduates to work in the field that their degree was received in. Plus I wanted to be part of a school that would give me hand-on opportunity while I was working towards my degree, so I could build a  good resume. At the same time, I wanted a program that would challenge me and not leave me bored to death.

Despite my love for the Southeastern conference schools like Auburn, Florida,  Tennesse Georgia and Missouri I feel very confident that I have found the university that fits my needs both personal and academic right in the city of Denton at the University of North Texas. It’s everything  Gator Nation is to me minus the big names like Tim Tebow or Jason Cole. And I’m going to miss not having a course taught by Mr. Colle, However, I will live through it. All I can say now is the Eagle has landed.

For those of you who may not know I have officially applied to North Texas, where I will continue my education as a journalism major with a minor in nonprofit management in the fall of 2019. #Go MEAN GREEN NATION! It was the best place for me cost wise and classes.





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  1. James is a great guy. He is very passionate about his work. And a great listener. So very greatful for you buddy. Keep up the good work, and I Pray the best for you in your educational and life journeys. Lord bless you.

    • Thanks for taking the time to view, read and comment on my UNT post. Your kind words are very much appreciated. UNT is in the mid-size city of Denton and it felt very welcoming during my visit to the main campus. Just like home with a staff that wants to help you reach your educational, career and life goals. So simply put. The Eagle has landed.

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