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Denton, Texas– Well, it did not take long for Jerry Jones the high-profile owner of the Dallas Cowboys to let the media know what will happen to players in his organization regarding the new national anthem rule of the National Football league. It comes as no surprise that Jones has a team rule that is different than the NFL. He clearly runs this team with a firm hand in all aspects of its operations.

Jones has publicly gone on record during a Cowboy’s press conference saying that all members of the team will stand during the national anthem. Despite NFL policy that allows players to remain in the locker room during the anthem or on the field. The league rule and thus, he as it stands gives players a choice. However, after viewing the press conference where Mr. Jones spoke on the issue, he is clearly stating if they do not stand for the anthem they can find another team to play for, they will not be playing for the Cowboys.

Dallas Sports Anchor Mike Doocy who was set to interview Jones the first Sunday of training camp was informed by Cowboy front office that Jones would not answer any questions about the anthem minutes before the interview was to take place. And for the first time in Doocy’s career, he elected to call off the interview with Cowboy’s owner.

As reported in “The Fort Worth Star-Telegram”, the NFL had rule must be a do as I say the rule has ordered Jones not to discuss the national anthem issue and thus, he informed several television stations that had booked interviews with him he would not talk about it.

After hearing that Jones would not talk about the national anthem Doocy decided not to do an interview with Jones. A hard decision for this sports reporter but one he felt was the right decision to make. And I totally agree with this veteran broadcaster. You cannot let Jones or the NFL dictate what questions you can and cannot ask as a reporter. Although this kind of thing is done all the time in the media. But that still does not make it right. The public has the right to know the facts on this issue and the reports have the right to tell it.

Clearly Jones is the man who has the final say on things when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. He has proven time and time again that he is the one who is in total control of this team. But he does send a very mixed message when you watch Jones own actions. Like he makes the rules and players better follow them on his team but he does not follow the rules he makes for the team.

During the national anthem in training camp, Jones did not remove his hat during the playing of the song. Even after a person brought it to his attention that he needed to remove his hat. He kept it on while the anthem was being played. So the team rules must be a do as I say rule for the Cowboys, not a do as I do rule.

The new national anthem rule has been a real hot button topic across social media this summer with many different opinions on the subject. And all are entitled to their own opinion on this topic.

However, for me, I do not like this rule at all. It clearly takes away from the game of professional football by interrupting the process of the game. And yes, the game is a very violent sports on the field but the game has nothing to do with violence against blacks in a given community. So let’s just play football and save your protest for other venues that are not football related.

Yes, people have the right to protest but at the appropriate place and time. An NFL football game is not the correct place to protest violence. Blacks need to be wise enough to realize that violence happens against all races, not just black people in a given community.

Getting back to the Cowboys on the anthem,  Dale Hansen, a Dallas sports broadcaster made an important point in calling out Jones in a recent broadcast. His words went something like this, if a player hits a female, that player can still play for the Cowboys. And if a player uses or sells illegal drugs, that player can remain on the field for the “Boys”. But if you don’t stand for the national anthem in Dallas, players are off the team and no longer suit up for the Cowboys. This a mix message for sure but true according to recent statements made by Jones.

It did not take long for the national anthem rule to be put to the reality test, as members of the Miami Dolphins did kneel during the teams opening preseason games on the field. The NFL reiterates stating they want all players to stand for the anthem. It could be a very long time before an agreement is reached with this rule if that is even possible.

The best thing to do with this rule is to drop it all together and not make it a rule. Any human being should know that standing for America’s anthem is the correct thing to do. A person should not have to be told to stand for it.

Don’t think we will ever see total agreement with this rule but people do have the right not to stand for, as does the league has the right to make any rule it wants and enforce it. Let’s hope an agreement can be reached because the NFL is losing fans each time a player uses his platform and NFL game to protest something that has nothing to do with professional sports. The kind of protest that is happening is stupid and makes no sense.


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