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Welcome to “The Thunderword Post” a personal blog site founded by James Carter, who loves to write and has a real passion for sports and sports writing. however, he understands the importance of being a well-rounded as a writer in this constant transitioning world of media and technology.

After a long hiatus away from the “Lone Star” state, Carter loves he made a life decision and transitioned back to Texas. After a stop in Georgia and Florida.

Whether you are a regular reader of The Thunderword Post or a first time visitor to this blog this is the first place I will express my thoughts, opinions, viewpoints, and storytelling on many topics. In a nutshell, Cater aspirators to be a professional journalist, and now calls Denton, Texas home

The blog is a public blog and anybody on the internet or in the free-world can read it. So please keep communication professional. Share the site with your friends, people who might enjoy reading it and your loved ones.

This blog seeks (1) to serve as a creative outlet for Carter and as a platform for his content, and (2)a blog that seeks to inform and entertain both the blog followers and casual blog readers and the larger public. Content on the site is exclusively authored and produced by Carter and blog readers. The views expressed on “The Thunderword Post” are not necessarily those of Carter.

James Carter, blog founder and content writer for The Thunderword Post.

James Carter believes:
Blogs are a huge part of the media and business big or small across America Blogging is an exciting, dynamic career critical to the future of an informed and enlightened society.

As you read the blog stories, you will find some real-life stories about the veteran blogger, who expresses some bold opinions on a current or hot topic. Topics will range from Sports to current newsworthy events happening.

Carter transition from Sports Journalists to blogger after leaving college for the real world. At the suggestion of good friend Rick Woodall, during lunch at the Rib Shack in Rome, Georgia he started his first blog, on WordPress, a popular( content management system) CMS  free for anyone to download from the internet and use.

He then started a free blog site under a pen name “SportsBuzz with Jame-MY TAKE ON SPORTS in October of 2013. Then rolled out this blog in November of 2016 while living in Milton, Florida, a paid self-hosted blog also on the WordPress platform.

Being open and honest, his true passion is sports writing and he would choose to write sports over any other topic but again he realizes that not everyone who comes to “The Thunderword Post” likes or is interested in sports,  so other topics will be cover on this blog.

Carter has many things he is passionate about so blog readers will see many topics covered here. As Carter will write on a number of different topics to make both this site and himself a success and attract blog traffic and a wide range of blog readers.

We at “The Thunderword Post” hope to develop a strong blog following with

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readers and followers, who will get engaged by leaving comments on both the blog and on our social media platforms across the internet.

Feel free to contact Carter for any blog suggestions or any suggestion you feel as a reader or follower would improve content on this site.

Please use the contact tab on this blog or any of social media platforms “The Thunderword Post” is very open to change and will make the necessary changes to increase blog site traffic. This site is run on a small budget.

So get in the conversion now and connect with other like mind blog readers and express yourself freely without fear of being discriminated against or bullied for your expressed opinion on blog posts.

Please remember to keep all communication professional or “The Thunderword Post” reverse the right to block you from this site


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