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9687375446_3f2698344f_cThe Thunderword Post is the personal blog of James Carter. All opinions and words-unless specifically stated otherwise. by quotation or citation-are my own. I do not make any money from this blog nor do I intend to in the Future. This is a true labor of love and written for fun.

Weather you are a regular reader of The Thunderword Post or a first time visitor to this blog this is the first place I will express my thoughts, opinions, viewpoints and story telling on many topics. In a nutshell James’s studied Public Relations at Berry College, and now calls Pace, Florida home.

The blog is a public blog and anybody on the internet or in the free-world can read it. So please keep communication professional. Share the site with your friends, people who might enjoy reading it and your love ones.

 9965429373_d1f7168616_zThe Thunderword Post has stories (including stories from the blog founder’s real-life), videos, photos, artwork and creative writing. You can also find polls. It also have links in blog posts to other local news sites to keep you informed all on one site!

This blog seeks (1) to serve as a creative outlet for James and as a platform for his content, and (2)a blog that seeks to inform and entertain both the blog followers and casual blog reader and the larger public.Content on the site is exclusively authored and produced by James and blog readers. The views expressed on The Thunderword Post are not necessarily those of James.

Although The Thunderword Post operated and managed by James, whose job is to make sure that The Thunderword Post content and delivery are professional in every respect.

In exchange I hope readers will comment and leave feedback on a post or posts they find to be interesting to them. In some of my post I will include things about my real-life so my readers get to know me, as time goes on and understand I’m a real person. Not just a robot that types words into this space.

If there are any concerns about content posted to The Thunderword Post, readers should contact blog founder using the “Contact Me ” tab on this blog

The Thunderword Post is 100% supported by its faithful readers. I don’t display advertisements, nor do I have any sponsors or investors. Hope you enjoy reading The Thunderword Post!!! Thanks for stopping by.

Founder’s Bio:

James Carter has been a blogger since October of 2013 when  he started a free sports blog using the 484845_10151974814328727_984697701_nWordPress platform.  A  good friend suggested he keep writing and write about things he has passion for.

He spent two-years at Highline Community College in Des Moines, Washington where he earned an Associate of Arts degree and first got involved in journalism and developed his writing skills to what they are today.

His blog The Thunderword Post rolled out rolled out November 1, 2016.
Don’t know about you, but it seems to cliché to say “happily married to the woman of my dreams for 8 years.” The truth is that I’m happier than I ever imagined possible and proud that we’re just two born again people who are constantly being fashioned into the image of God’s Son.
We claim our three furry critters as our fur babies. Don’t worry, we’re not those kind of weird pet owners. Okay, maybe we are. But just a little. At least we don’t count cows as our fur babies, right.

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